MCA Board Meeting Minutes 10/29/15 A.D.



October 29, 2015


River Terrace Church, East Lansing


The meeting opened at 1010. with a devotion based on Psalm 34 led by Steve.


Present:  Steve Sutterer, President, Roger Stauffer, Past President; Curt Roelofs, Treasurer; Onesiphorus Burrel, Education/Collegiality Chair;  Julie Nielsen-Schmidt, Excellence Committee Chair;  Dave Burnett, Secretary.  Jim  Vander Schaaf and Jude Acheson were excused.


Steve presented an agenda, which had also been distributed electronically.  The agenda was accepted.


The minutes of the 2/12/15 Conference Meeting and the 2/11/15 Executive Committee Meeting had been distributed via e-mail and  were made available to those present.   Dave moved the acceptance of the minutes.  The minutes of the meetings were accepted with a correction: Onesiphorus Burrel’s name had been omitted from the list of the Executive Committee; Onesiphorus serves as the Chair of the Education/collegiality Committee.


The treasurer’s report was accepted.  A copy is attached.   We are stable financially, with appropriate reserves.


Steve asked for Committee Reports/updates on the work of Committees.  A note of appreciation regarding Jude’s excellent work as Communications’ Chair was offered.


Julie spoke about our need for diversity.  We are an open organization; i.e. inclusivity and diversity are core values.  This needs to be continually communicated: via our website, in welcoming statements at the annual conference, and by out actions.


The need for a Chair for a Marketing Committee was noted.  We should all be involved in marketing the MCA.  We should all be encouraging others to join, attend, and participate.  Meanwhile we should be seeking a Chair to further assist in marketing,




The MCA website is looking good.  It will be in a perpetual process of development.   It can be accessed at   It can also be accessed at   Updates, announcements, and additions can be directed to either Steve or Roger.




The February 2015 Conference was reviewed.  Participant reviews were positive with only complaints about the temperature in the conference room.  Potential themes for future conferences included:


Suicide/ Mental Health Issues

Geriatrics/Dementia/Alzheimer’s Issues



MCA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Oct. 29, 2015

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The 2016 conference is scheduled for February 24-25.  The $345 deposit has been paid.  The Conference Center requires a final count by 2/17.  Registrations must be made by 2/12/16 to avoid the late fee.  Fees will remain the same as last year.


The conference theme will focus on  end-of-life choices/issues.  How do chaplains minister with individuals or the families of individuals when they choose options that conflict with the personal values of the chaplain?


We are focusing on two speakers:  Onesiphorus will contact the MDOC’s R&GC chaplain regarding a speaker from Duane Waters Hospital.  Perhaps this speaker will present on Wednesday afternoon and evening.   Curt will contact Beth regarding  a contact with Ben Schlafer.    He would present Thursday morning.   Our goal is to have speakers confirmed  by 12/1/15.   Preferred time slots may have to be adjusted  because of speaker availability.  Information, as it becomes available will be shared via E-mail.


The conference will open with a welcome, a devotion and introductions.  Roger will help Steve with an introduction exercise.


Curt accepted responsibility to coordinate/secure a leader for Thursday Morning devotions.


Steve asked us to spend some time visioning the future of the MCA.

The need for marketing was again mentioned.

Networking remains a core value.  Blogging may become key to networking.

Respectful Engagement remains very important.

There will always be a need for advocacy.  How the organization can assist with that remains open.


The meeting closed with prayer by Julie.


The meeting adjourned at 1300.


Minutes Recorded by Dave J. Burnett